Insurance Disputes

If Your Insurance Company Dispute is Problematic—You Do Have Rights

When you have difficulties with the insurance company or another individual or company’s insurance company, due to injuries that you sustained SWLAW LLP Santa Monica insurance company dispute lawyers are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and can help you get the settlement you are owed. They are knowledgeable in the insurance company claims laws of California, which are extremely clear and strict in how policy claims should be handled. When there are violations in settlements that are offered or specific timelines that are not honored, with the assistance of our Santa Monica insurance dispute attorneys at SWLAW LLP can evaluate your insurance claim, investigate your policy coverage and determine your legal options.

Insurance Company Disputes

There are various types of insurance company disputes that can occur and can be financially stressful. Ones that our Santa Monica insurance company dispute lawyers can protect your rights, including:

  • Health Insurance Claims
  • Auto Accident Claims
  • Travel Insurance Claims
  • Property Insurance Claims
  • Liability Insurance Claims
  • Life Insurance Claims

When an insurance claim is made you expect your coverage to cover medical bills, auto accident damages, property damages and when a loved one passes away life insurance payment. If the insurance claim is denied it can be both emotionally and financially devastating and this is when our Santa Monica insurance dispute attorneys can investigate the policy and any violations that the insurance company may have made in denying your claim. Our Santa Monica insurance dispute attorneys are dedicated to justice for the injured victim that is involved in an insurance company dispute or that has had their claim denied. Our attorneys at SWLAW LLP will work hard to ensure you recover the maximum amount of compensation for your claim that the law allows.

Scheduling an appointment with our Santa Monica insurance dispute attorneys you can begin the process to hold the insurance company responsible for the terms of their insurance contract.  Insurance dispute attorneys at Weinstein Law Offices can be contacted toll-free at (310) 392-8000.