Maritime Jones Act

The Maritime Jones Act Protects the Rights of Ship Workers

The Maritime Jones Act protects the rights of people that work on ships and vessels that are injured while performing their duties. These laws protect the ship worker or crewmember in the same fashion that workman’s compensation covers other types of employees when they are injured on the job. This is a way for the person that has been injured or the family that has lost a loved one to have an avenue to file a claim to seek benefits. These are benefits that are owed to you as a ship or vessel employee and when you have problems obtaining the benefits you are entitled to the Santa Monica Maritime Jones Act attorneys at Weinstein Law Offices can protect your rights to recover compensation.

This area of the law can be complex and as an injured employee when the injury was caused by negligence will need to prove that this was a factor in the accident, which resulted in injuries, due to the vessel owner or another employee on the ship. In order to win compensation they have to be caused by the actions or inaction of another party. The injured ship accident victim will need the representation of an attorney that has a complete understanding of the Maritime laws and the Jones act to have a successful outcome to your case.

Recovering Compensation for Your Ship Related Injuries

A ship is a dangerous place to work and is a kind of employment where things can go wrong in the work environment. The SWLAW LLP has the experience and the resources that are necessary to when fighting for compensation after an accident caused by negligence that caused injuries. When you have suffered a ship related injury, in some cases a daily pay allowance can be awarded, as outlined in the Jones Act.

The Jones Act refers to daily pay under “maintenance.” It is also possible to recover medical costs under the Jones Act and this is outlined under “cure.” When there has been failure to do required equipment maintenance or provide a safe work environment, the injured victim may be able to file a lawsuit that will entitle them to other types of compensation, such as pain and suffering. Winning this type of lawsuit can be complex and it takes the expertise of the attorney that has a complete understanding of the Jones Act.

The Santa Monica Maritime Jones Act attorneys at SWLAW LLP can assist the ship employee that has suffered injuries due to negligence in getting the compensation they deserve. Our attorneys have an intricate knowledge of the Maritime Jones Act laws that protect the rights of the ship employee or crewmember when they have suffered injuries and have the resources necessary to prove negligence. Please contact the SWLAW LLP at (310) 392-8000 to discuss your options.