Obesity-Junk Foods

Santa Monica Obesity- Junk Foods Lawyers

Companies often misrepresent the nutritional facts on food packaging and this can make it difficult to ensure eating healthy and they fail do reveal any health hazards that are included in the ingredients. There are many people that blame the individual for their weight and feel that lawsuits involving obesity are frivolous. This could be compared with smokers until in 1965, when advertisers were regulated and information about smoking was made public in the United States. Smoking then dramatically decreased with the regulations and information made public, until then it was believed these lawsuits were frivolous. The Santa Monica personal injury attorneys believe that lawsuits against the junk food manufacture and companies are necessary when they do not list foods that have ingredients that can be hazardous to the health of consumers.

Obesity Health Risks Increasing

In the United States there is approximately 34 percent of adults and 17 percent of children that are clinically obese in the United States. This can be considered an epidemic and with substantial weight gain comes increased health risks, including heart disease, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory issues, some types of cancer and an increase risk of stroke.

Research has been increased in causes of obesity and proved that the compulsion to consume junk foods containing high fat and high calories involves the brain rewarding the person eating these foods. This is similar in nature to the person that is addicted to drugs, including a decreased density in a precise brain receptor, leading researchers to believe this could be the receptor responsible for impulse control.

The results of this research, combined with the amount of junk food that is available to children in schools it is disturbing. It is also alarming that food companies refuse to list ingredients that can be harmful to the health or addicting for the individual and weight gain or in their advertising.

Santa Monica Personal Injury Attorneys Comments

The Santa Monica personal injury attorneys want individuals to know there have been several successful food manufacturer obesity lawsuits and some school districts have banned soda machines on their property. In the United States there are some cities that in looking after their residents health have banned the use of trans fats by restaurants. There are also some food manufacturers that have stopped using trans fats in the production of their products. SWLAW LLP believes that the obesity lawsuit has value in changing the life of the individual and making food companies be honest.