Sexual Harassment

Don’t Be a Victim of Sexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment is intolerable and can be an unbearable situation for you. This behavior results in feeling your career is at risk, it can destroy your life and affect your family as a consequence.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has approximately 15,000 sexual harassment cases brought before them every year and the cases brought in front of them by men has tripled in recent years. Proving both men and women are at risk of sexual harassment in the workplace today. The person that is victimized by this type of behavior will suffer the emotional and mental anguish, plus this can adversely affect their financial well being. It is advisable if you are the victim of sexual harassment to consult an experienced Santa Monica sexual harassment attorney. It is possible to hold the responsible party liable for the damages that you have suffered as a result of their behavior in your place of work.

Santa Monica Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Sexual harassment cases can be complex and have more than one party that can be held liable, when it occurs in the workplace. SWLAW LLP has years of representing clients successfully, including sexual harassment victims. When you are placed in this situation, it places undo emotional and mental stress on you and your career and job can be at risk. It is important to protect your rights and to have the best representation to hold the party liable that has victimized you. Our Santa Monica sexual harassment lawyers may be able to obtain compensation for the damages you suffered and are committed to protecting your rights. SWLAW LLP takes this type of behavior seriously and will fight for the outcome that will benefit you the most.

Do not remain a victim of sexual harassment, contact our Santa Monica sexual harassment attorneys to discuss your case and protect your rights in the workplace.