Slip, Trip and Fall

Slip, trip or fall injury accidents can cause serious injuries and are addressed under premises liability law. When this type of accident that results in injuries occurs on another person’s premises or property they could be held liable for the injuries and other damages caused. Millions of people are injured every year in the United States in these types of injuries and for the elderly person that is a slip or fall victim the injuries can be serious or debilitating.

In some instances slip and fall accidents occur due to carelessness, when there are other reasons the accident and injuries occur, such as improper repair, lack of proper maintenance, construction debris or other causes the negligent party can often be held responsible. Damages that that can be recovered include medical costs, loss of income and other costs related to the slip and fall injuries.

Slip and Fall Vitim’s Should Have Legal Representation

SWLAW LLP slip and fall attorneys are experienced in premises liability laws and the complex litigation in these types of cases that result in a favorable conclusion. Our Santa Monica slip and fall lawyers investigate all the elements of the accident and determine all of the negligent parities that can be held responsible to recover the maximum amount of compensation. Evidence can diminish quickly, by consulting an experienced slip and fall lawyer, during their investigation the evidence can be collected that will be used in preparing your case.

When you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a slip and fall accidents it is important to seek advice from an experienced Santa Monica slip and fall attorney. They can advise you of your legal options and rights to recover compensation by holding the negligent party responsible for their action or inaction.

Scheduling an appointment with the Santa Monica slip and fall lawyers to discuss your case is crucial to learn your legal options and to recover compensation for the injuries and damages that have been suffered.