Wrongful Termination

Losing employment due to wrongful termination has nothing to do with the employee doing their job correctly. This is when an employee losses their job for another reason and if you feel that you lost your job as a wrongful termination the Santa Monica wrongful termination attorneys at Weinstein Law Offices can review the reasons given for your firing and investigate your claim. Then they will be able to advise you of your legal options, if you were illegally terminated from your job. Our Santa Monica wrongful termination attorneys have the experience that is necessary to provide you with the legal representation you need to hold the employer accountable for their actions. Having legal representation can mean getting your job back or obtaining compensation for the loss of your job, the damage it caused and the losses.

Illegal Wrongful Termination

  • Fired due to religion
  • Fired due to age
  • Fired due to pregnancy
  • Fired due to race
  • Fired due to sexual orientation
  • Fired due to whistle blowing

You Have Rights

When you are fired because of sexual orientation, race, age or religion it is illegal and you have the protection of the California labor laws on your side. The Santa Monica wrongful termination lawyers are able to help protect the rights of the employee that experienced a violation of labor laws. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the victims’ rights and ensuring that the employer that violated the labor laws is held responsible for their actions. The Santa Monica wrongful termination attorneys offer free consultations to evaluate your case, provide you with answers to your employment questions and start the legal process to ensure you get justice for your losses.

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